Wohltätigkeitsfahrt Giro Germanica

Giro Germanica was a self organised charity tour which took me over 42 days and 8190 kms through 5 countries with focus on Germany and its clubs. The goal was to raise funds for children with cancer treated at „Waldpiratencamp“ of „Kinderkrebsstiftung Deutschland“ which is a rehab facility. During and after the Giro I was…

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Don Calvo

XXX Don Calvo was an experimental project in personal branding. In the process I developed a complete public persona as a brand to promote an event series on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Gulu Gulu Girls

Gulu Gulu Girls was a Christmas charity project launched in December 2010 in Kempten/Allgäu in South Germany.


XXX STUDYCOOL was a brand created in cooperation with CoolMagazine, CoolFM Radio, DonCalvo Events and Back Platinum Promotora in 2008 in Spain. The purpose was to organise Events, Excursions and Activities for language students from all over the world on the beautiful Costa del Sol of Spain. 

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